Thursday, August 23, 2007

More new toys!

Well, this has been an Epic month for the Kaye's. First Terra came into my life now this. We finally got a new washer/dryer set. A stackable set and I'm delighted! I mistakenly put on my Facebook page that they were Kenmore Elites but in fact they are Maytag Epics. Frankly I don't care that what they're called, only that they're front loaders and they're new. And not just new to us, I mean brand new. They get delivered Saturday morning.

I feel a little sorry for the old pair. They've never needed servicing in the 8 years we've had them. Apparently these new jobs are not built to last. Then the pity melts away when I see that my old washer has no gentle cycle, then I take an already only marginally clean load of whites out of the dryer with black streaks all over them. Something (and not an errant crayon, I'm assured) is busted inside the drum and is depositing gunk on my clothes. Never again.

I'm excited to sit in the laundry room and watch the clothes spin around on what I'll call "laundry tv". I can't wait to take my clothes out and they're actually clean. And the comforters. I can wash comforters. Sigh. We've dropped a lot of cash this month on appliances and, frankly, I'm basking in the afterglow.

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