Friday, August 17, 2007

I’ve been neglectful

I've been neglectful to my new best friend Terra. She's been with me for a week and I've used her twice. The first time was for eggs since it was the easiest thing I could muster as a newly 40 year old woman. The next was the muffin mix that I got as a gift. Both things were throwaways. Just to see if she worked (and she does). Last night I made pizza for dinner and could have used her for the dough but I went for my nameless Cuisinart instead of my dough hook accessorised beauty. So sorry Terra!

Today I make it up to you. My neighbour has given us 2 enormous zucchini so this weekend Terra will be tasked with making the most yummy, moist, delicious brownies. Yes, brownies. With zucchini in them. Strange but true and I know Terra is up to the task. I'll make 3 batches. One for the nabe that gave us the zukes, one for the girls at work and one for us. That's 6 cups of zucchini and hopefully it'll use up everything. If not, would you like a batch?

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