Monday, August 6, 2007

Stupid retail

Today the whole planet (it seems) is off for "Civic Holiday" (I hate that name) except for retail outlets. And because I work in a retail outlet (albeit in a glorified data entry operator position), I gotta go. Well, they better not expect a lot out of me today. I'm going to screw the pooch, I know it.

Let me explain how the month of August is going to work. Scott has it off. Yup, the whole month. He encouraged me to do this blog at first but now is discouraging me because I'm doing it for free. So I'll have to blog behind his back. So, yes, I can blog every day but probably not as often in the mornings as I have done (and am doing). I'll have to sneak around. Which is hard to do in a 2000 sq.ft house but you get my drift.

So bear with me, folks, this'll be a covert operation for a few weeks. Don't worry, we'll still have fun together, I promise. Now excuse me while I get ready for work. Poop.

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