Friday, May 6, 2011

Flashback Friday

Mother's Day is coming up Sunday. Scott suggested a picnic with the kids and can I tell you how much I dislike picnics? Preparing the food, wrapping it tight, making sure you brought everything, driving to an iffy spot, sitting on the hard ground with no back support, alternately freezing and roasting, bugs in your stuff, seagulls squawking and stealing your cheesies... how is this better than a comfy restaurant where the kids can colour on the paper tablecloths and I can get my drink on?

We alternatively decided on a far more civilised walk through a park where there is a Tulip Festival going on and a quick snack at a chip wagon. Perfect.

So anyway, I thought that I'd post an oldie about Mother's Day and why it should really be a few times a year. At least they didn't make it in the winter...

Mums, have a terrific weekend. Enjoy your spoilage!

*** Going grocery shopping just to get out of the house = AWESOME! ***

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