Monday, May 9, 2011

I had a great day

Mother's Day was fun. And by "fun" I actually mean fun even though I spent the whole day with the kids. How evil am I that my first desire for a terrific Mother's Day equals 24 kid-free hours? They're the reason I get a special day in the first place, right?

Well yesterday I couldn't shake those darn kids so we visited Major's Hill Park for the Tulip Festival. There wasn't much going on so we stood in line 20 minutes for poutine (which was delicious and completely worth it by the way) then headed off to the market to wander. We went in and out of little cheese and fish shops and looked at all the cheesy jewellry in the stalls. Hey look, guys! Luchador masks!

Then we waited 20 minutes at the French pastry place that Obama visited years ago and pigged out on delicious patisseries before heading home. It was very enjoyable. Nobody whined about the cold or the walking, the day was gorgeous and we really did have a nice time.

Now onto Father's Day...

*** This morning on my run through the park I saw four goslings their parents. Tiny, clumsy, green fluffy goslings = AWESOME! ***

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