Thursday, May 12, 2011

I like this feeling!

It's sunny outside and it'll be warm today. They're saying about 20C which is warm but still not as hot as I like. Anyway, a beautiful day. I feel very positive. I usually do but I'm almost giddy with it today. Here is a list of what's making me feel good today (including the sunshine):

  • One of my favourite eps of Doctor Who was just on (Family of Blood)
  • Scott went for a long drive 
  • Elliott is at a track meet, following in his mum's footsteps
  • My cake pops are getting a lot of attention on Facebook
  • As soon as I'm done here, I'm back in the kitchen to bake some chocolate chip cookies
  • My left buttock and right lower back are "good sore" after our first dragonboat practice Tuesday
  • I made the perfect cup of tea with just the right amount of steeping and sugar
  • I just plain feel good
I think I'll go sit out in the sunshine and read for a while and enjoy my mood while it lasts. Goodness knows how much longer. People will start arriving back home in a few hours.

*** today = AWESOME!***


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