Thursday, May 5, 2011


I've lived here all my life. In fact I've always lived within the same 200km radius.

I'm not very well travelled. I've been to Dominica (NOT the republic), New York, Jamaica, Delaware, Florida, Calgary, Belgium, Paris and London. I can speak French and I've never been to a place where it was difficult to get by in either language. I'd love for this to change. Most of the places I've been have been European versions of where I already live or cushy tropical resorts. There's nothing wrong with that at all but someday I want some travel adventure.

I'd like to visit a remote, faraway place where the locals rarely have exposure to people like us. I'd like to see sights that North Americans don't often get to see. Don't get me wrong... I don't want to cram my Louboutins into a backpack or go without makeup. And I do NOT want to poop in a toilet that is just a fly-covered hole in the ground. I want to shower every day and shop. But I'd like to do that shopping in a crowded, exotic market. I've never bartered before. I think I'd be good at it. And could you imagine looking out of your hotel window and seeing an elephant walking by or an ancient temple?

So have you ever been a fish out of water on holiday? Have you ever been a little scared or a little lost on a trip you've taken? Was it still fun? Have you ever had to communicate using sign language? Or knew one word in the local language and just yelled it over and over hoping they'd know you need to find the train station for the 4pm express? I'd love to hear some of your exotic travel stories. My extensive travel experience begins and ends at The Amazing Race so I'm living vicariously through you.

*** After the "spring" we've had, looking out my livingroom window and seeing actual sunshine (even though I know it's only 5C) = AWESOME!***

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