Friday, May 13, 2011

Flashback Friday

Today is Elliott’s 15th birthday. For him it’s the ultimate flashback because he gets tortured with his long, gory birth story. I even showed him my c-section scar this morning. I couldn't tell if he was disgusted by the scar or the saggy belly (which I blame him for btw). At least the poor boy had the foresight to keep his breakfast down.

If you don’t know anything about Elliott, know this. He’s smart, loving, and has a winning smile. Also know that he is forgetful, perpetually bored, and constantly in a state of drowsiness.

He never takes responsibility for his actions and can be so frustrating sometimes, that I want to shove him down a flight of stairs. Not a tall winding set that would break his neck (what kind of mother would that make me?), just a few steps to shake loose some of the cobwebs.

That said, my awesome baby has a special day today and as much as he drives me crazy, I love him so, so much. In fact, I couldn’t stop hugging him this morning.

And he’s getting so mature. I tried to sing him Happy Birthday before he left for school but he wasn’t having it. I asked him what gift he wanted and he shrugged his shoulders and grunted. I’m the kind of person who goes crazy for birthdays. Mine is a week long “celebration of me”. Or I want it to be. So I have a chocolate cake cooling right now, nearly ready to frost and cut when he gets home (just before he takes off  to cadets for the weekend). Scott signed him up for archery lessons, which is something he mentioned a while back. And that’s it. Gone are the days of cardboard party hats, loot bags and 6 chubby little boys sleeping in one tent in the backyard.

My baby really is becoming a man. I know because his mustache tickled my face when he kissed me goodbye on his way to school. Sigh.

***Elliott Kaye = AWESOME! ***

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