Monday, May 30, 2011

I had a job interview today

Actually it was a second interview. We did a telephone one first last week then she wanted to see me work this morning. The centre is so gorgeous and so organised. I had such a good time I forgot I actually had to be the teacher in the room and ended up playing. And I drew the coolest picture of a house with flowers and a tree then I pretended I was a lion than we had snack and then... where was I? Oh yeah, teaching. I did remember to read a story to the kids. One I brought from home. I decided against all the glossy, poetic, hard-cover story books and went for a favourite from when I was a kid. And score, it was "pet shop week" at the daycare so it fit right in.

Later during lunch one of the kids started to rub my skin.

Kid: What's that?
Me: What's what?
Kid (waving her finger all around me): Why are you all brown?
Me (trying and failing to think fast): It's the colour of my skin.
Kid: Are you brown everywhere?
Me (trying to remember she's 4 and not to repeat that really rude joke): Yup, everywhere but the bottoms of my hands and feet. I show her.
Kid: Why?
Me (thinking uh oh... do I want to go into a sociological, anthropological and geographical discussion here? And to be perfectly frank, I don't really even know myself): Um... because my parents were brown.
Kid: Okay. Can you open my juice box?
Me: You bet.

I love kids.

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