Monday, January 10, 2011

Too shy

Oh my hell, I haven't seen this video in years. I'm in hysterics over the hair. All of their hair. And the clothes. Oh God. I grew up in this era, people. Not only was this the height of cool but I dressed like this too. Yikes. Moving on...

Today's lesson, boys and girls, is about shyness. How do shy people survive the world? So many times being a loudmouth has made things better. A long wait? Why not joke around and make friends with everyone around you to make the time go by quicker? At a party where you don't know anyone? Great! Victims who haven't heard about the time I took a nursing infant and toddler to a Violent Femmes concert.

I used to be tragically shy, if you can believe that.When I started grade 7, I had only one, single, friend Jackie. We did everything together. When she caught pneumonia and stayed home for 2 weeks, I was so terrified to be left alone that I ate lunch in a bathroom stall every day.

My English teacher Mrs. Beiner was the one who helped me. I don't know what put me on her radar but in her dual roles as English teacher and play director, she saw something. She gave me the tiny role of Miss Eliza Sellers in the play Oliver Twist without an audition. I was sick with fear and sure I'd be awful. And I may have been but something in me changed that night. I fell in love with theatre but more than that, I broke out of my shell. I was well on my way to becoming the self involved exhibitionist you see before you.

So every time I overshare or am outspoken or extroverted, you can blame Mrs. Marilyn Beiner. I blame thank her every time I introduce myself to someone new to keep from being bored.

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