Thursday, January 6, 2011

Follower issues

Last week according to blogger, I had 70 followers. Then at the beginning of this week I had 69. Somebody left me. I didn't want to take it personally but how could I not? There are a few steps to unsubscribe and this person followed them all clicking through until we were broken up. I don't even know who the person was but they still succeeded in haunting me thoughts. What did I say or do to make them leave? Was I boring? Controversial? Rude? WHAT?? I have a pathetic, pathological need to be liked and this would have knocked me for six. I would have obsessed about it for ages. Picking mercilessly at the reasons why she/he left me like a crispy scab. 

But notice just then how I said would have?

Now in swoops my new best friend from Scotland, Yvone. We've never met but I love her dearly because she has helped me more than she knows. Within hours of the defector well, defecting, she unknowingly stepped up and joined my happy little band. Thus sparing me the navel-gazing and self-doubt that would have plagued me for weeks. Now all I have to do is try to forget that Yvone would have been follower number 71 had the deserter not well, deserted.


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