Wednesday, January 12, 2011


I'm sick. I knew it around 11am when I was writing yesterday's blog. Just before I wrote that sneezing makes me happy, I had a jag of about 7 sneezes in a row. That's always the little red flag for me. Then about 2 hours later, my head was socked in. Good thing for me colds don't last long and aren't too bad except for a fuzzy head. Usually a day of sleep and an OJ IV do the trick.

I rarely get sick. I've never had the flu (insert frantic knocking on wood sounds here) and colds are few and far between. In fact, I can pinpoint the last cold I had. When reaching for the canister of my favourite sick girl honey lemon ginseng green tea, I noticed my name written on it in black marker. Why would I do that at home? Well, I didn't. I wrote it when I brought it to work 18 months ago when I had the sniffles at my receptionist job. See? Rarely sick. But that also tells me I should probably throw out that tea. Hm.

Elliott and Henry inherited this from me. They are never sick either. In fact, Elliott won an award at elementary school for perfect attendance. The entire 7 years he was at the school. I never even noticed until they called his name at the graduation ceremony. They've never had even an ear infection. Elliott did have an asthma attack that needed to be taken care of at the hospital and Henry did break his arm but no major fevers and no serious illnesses. (insert frantic knocking on wood sounds here)

Audrey and Scott are the sickies of the house. I'm not sure if Scott suffers from "man-cold" syndrome, though where every splinter turns gangrenous and every fever is typhoid, but he always seems to be under the weather. Audrey's system tends to blow all little ailments out of proportion so every time she gets sick, it turns into a physical catastrophe. Pills, prescriptions, inhalers, the works.

So anyway, I'm off work today nursing my cold. Of course as a mother I still had to be up at the crack of dawn to get the children breakfasted, ready and off to school with all needed signed papers and money for pizza day organized. Scott, on the other hand, noticed a "tickle" in his throat last night after work and at 8am is still blissfully sleeping. Nice for some. Between emptying the dishwasher and making dinner, I must make sure to make him a nice, soothing mug of my expired tea.

kxx (Audrey drew this "chibi" of me last night. I love the eyes)

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