Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Cool Beans (as Elliott says)

I submitted my blog to a roll of Ottawa blogs last year (okay, it was a couple of weeks ago but still counts as last year) and they added me yesterday (but they spelt it wrong. Hmph). It's pretty buried but I may get one or two new readers over here. So if you're new, welcome to my world. Put on your stretchy pants, make a cup of tea and settle in. I've got 5 years of blogs for you to catch up on. Take notes, there'll be a pop quiz. And it'll be tough. Sample question:

With what shade of lipstick did Scott profess his love to me on the bathroom mirror?

See? Impossible... but here's a hint: it was from February 2007.

So go to Ottawa Start and faff around their website. I feel a bit like a fraud since I rarely mention Ottawa or politics (this is the nation's capital after all) here or discuss anything even remotely serious or important. But I live here so there is that...


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