Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Why is diet and exercise such hard work?

At the beginning of each year, I tip the scales at 175. That's normal for me since I love summer so much that over the winter I get depressed. I hate winter sports and loathe having to dress in layers even just to get the mail. I usually start with the comfort foods right after Thanksgiving dinner in October and the sloth/feeding frenzy doesn't end until Victoria Day. For me, winter is all about my Snuggie and my Nacho Cheese Doritos.

Then comes the thaw and I start thinking about dragonboating again. I look for all the shorts and tanks that I wore the season before and they never fit. I cry and cry, forgetting that I lose that weight every year. Sure enough every July, I fit in those summer clothes again but that can't be healthy either mentally or physically especially at my advanced age.

So this year I've vowed to try to stay fit over the winter. I have all these lofty ideas to keep exercising before work, even in the dreaded, hated winter. I'm a fair weather runner so that's out, and I won't ski (all those clothes and sticks attached to my feet? Not bloody likely) but I can just walk fast for an hour, layers and all, right? I mean marching around in shin high snow has got to get your heart going. Then all I have to do is get my eating under control. That'll be a hard one. I just started this new thing where I eat a little every 2 hours. I never thought I'd feel this way but yesterday I actually thought to myself:  "Ugh. 2pm? I have to eat again? But I'm not even hungry." and choked down 2 pieces of la vache qui rit. This one may work. I feel like I never stop eating. I actually have to set an alarm to remind me.

So I'm blogging this to keep me honest. I want to stay at this svelte (for me) 160. I like it, I feel healthy and my "skinny" clothes fit. There's nothing sadder than getting my size 14 "winter jeans" out of storage just in time for Christmas. So wish me luck, folks.

kxx (the first photo was taken in March, the second was taken about 15 minutes ago)
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