Tuesday, August 24, 2010

If being musical encompasses the ability to listen to songs,

then I am musical. In fact, I could be a prodigy.

But if being musical only means being able to sing or play an instrument, then I am not musical. At all. Don't get me wrong, I can carry a tune and by that I mean if I hum or sing a couple of bars of something you can recognise the song. But that doesn't mean I'm going to obliviously and tone deafly sign up for the merciless mocking that is Canadian Idol.

I can play a bit of piano, though. And by that I mean I use a bit of my hand (as in one finger) to play both Twinkle Twinkle AND Mary Had a Little Lamb. I know, right?

If I could really play piano, I'd love to be able to play this. So gorgeous. To my untrained ear it sounds easy enough for me to play with my misshapen hoofs but deep down I know it's probably extremely difficult. It's a smidge more challenging than Chopsticks.

But my favourite instrument by far, is the cello. I love how it sounds like it needs a hug. I'd love to learn how to play it and I know exactly when my love for this instrument started. Lori Singer (Julie) from Fame. I know this little dream is completely impossible. You'd need years of training and super nimble fingers. At this point in my life arthritis doesn't seem too far off so playing the cello is totally out of the question. Nevertheless, I can still listen and from time to time give my mp3 a big fat squeeze.

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