Monday, August 16, 2010

I know it's been nearly a week but...

I couldn't not share this with you. Henry (10) made me my birthday card this year. It could be because he ran out of time to buy one but I won, anyway. I know it seems hokey but what "they" say is true. There's nothing like a homemade card from your child to make you smile. A Hallmark card you keep for a few weeks then recycle but this is going in a book or file somewhere so I can keep it forever.

So here's the front. He's drawn an almost perfect representation of our living room with the pass-through and dining room behind. Notice I'm wearing the Louboutins that I got on my big day.

The next page is a poem and a statement about how fab I am. Woot! I get an award!

According to Henry, besides the loving cup, I receive some kind of Oscar. I had to read it twice to realize that I'm getting the "GUY holding the planet award" and not the "GAY planet holding the award". And how much does my child know me? To accept my award, I'm living my dream by walking a red carpet. Notice I'm posing and yes, wearing my Louboutins.

And finally, the back of the card. What a cool kid. And not only because he has great taste in mothers.

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