Monday, August 30, 2010

Blogging the truth v. blogging my life

I've been keeping an online blog for 4 years and judging from most of my posts, you'd think that nothing shitty has happened to me in that all time. Truth is, of course it has but I choose not to burden you all with it. Does it mean that my blog is a lie? No. Yes. Well, kinda. It's a lie by omission.

Do you really need to know about the discussion Scott and I had about the fact that our family budget doesn't allow for $1000 shoes? Why do you need to know about the time I completely freaked out on the kids and called them "fuckheads" loud enough for the neighbours to hear? I'm all right if you think my life is perfect. Like one hilarious episode after another of Cosby Show with a little Married With Children sprinkled in. But keep in mind what you read isn't completely true. Allow for my creative license in some situations so while the names haven't quite been changed, a lot of the situations have been to bring the funny. And the actual moments are safely kept in my memory where they can't get me into trouble. But consider yourselves lucky. You guys get all the knee slapping-ness, you lucky dogs.


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