Tuesday, August 10, 2010


43 Interesting things about 43.

I'm 43 today and I'm sad about it because being the geek that I am, I love that yesterday my age was the meaning of life. Today my age is just a weird, odd number. So I've done some research on the number 43 that I thought I'd share with you in an effort to make 43 more palatable.

  1. When you hold down the shift key, it kinda looks like a swear: $#
  2. My sister and brother-in-law's apple orchard is near Highway 43 here in town
  3. This guide to hiring women from 1943 makes me laugh
  4. Technetium, the chemical element with the number 43 is shiny. That's how far I got reading the Wikipedia page *yawn*
  5. It takes 43 muscles to frown
  6. Edmonton beat Montreal in the 43rd Grey Cup *boooo!*
  7. In 1969 the 43rd modern Stanley Cup was played with Montreal beating St. Louis *yay!*
  8. In Roman Numerals it's XLIII
  9. According to IMDb, Vertigo is the 43rd best movie out of 250
  10. Furry Vengeance is the 43rd worst movie
  11. The 100 Best Songs website says that Beat It by Michael Jackson is the 43rd best song of all time
  12. Indigo.ca claims that Confessions of a Shopaholic by Sophie Kinsella (one of my favourite books) is the 43rd best book of all time. Take that, James Joyce.
  13. There's a Spanish liqueur called Licor 43 that's supposed to taste like citrus and vanilla and 43 other flavours. A bottle of this is going right on my birthday gift list...
  14. 43rd on the list of best sitcoms of all time: The Odd Couple
  15. The bloodhound is the 43rd most popular breed of dog
  16. What's 43rd most popular dog name? Boy: Dakota
  17. Girl dog: Roxie
  18. Prefer cats? Samson for a boy cat,
  19. Amber for a girl
  20. What? You don't want the most popular name there is for your baby? Go for the 43rd most popular: Owen
  21. Savannah for your daughter
  22. Here is the schedule for the 43 bus here in Ottawa
  23. Jethro Tull has a song called Hymn 43. I listened to it for about 30 seconds. Yuck. So not my style.
  24. Forty-three is a lot
  25. I'm kinda tired of doing this
  26. As of this typing, $43 Canadian is about 26 British pounds
  27. The 43rd episode of Star Trek is called Bread and Circuses
  28. Episode 43 of The Next Generation is Samaritan Snare
  29. The current record for number of snails on your face at one time is 43
  30. There's a movie called Room 43. know nothing about it.
  31. Forty-three is the country code for calling Austria
  32. There's a restaurant called The 43rd in Texas
  33. So I started this list to make me more interested in being 43 but now it's just pissing me off as I realise how many 43 really is...
  34. This granny camped out 43 hours for ice cream
  35. In French, it's "quarante-trois"
  36. Okay, you know what? I'm done. I'm grasping at straws and I think I lost most of you at the 43rd Annual Grey Cup...
Well, now that I'm old and a tad pissed off about not being able to finish this list, I'm going to sulk and hope that today brings more Fabulous Fred style presents (thanks Lisa!!).

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