Friday, June 4, 2010

We're off...

Okay so here's the deal. We are all going on a trip. For the next little while, expect short, weird little posts with no links or photos. If you get posts at all. I've tried to bring everything electronic I need for blogging but some days it just may be too difficult.

Some of you who know me IRL know where I'm going and for how long but Scott expressly told me not to blog it. He's in security and is freaked out about my blogging in the first place, let alone telling virtual strangers about our travel plans.

The house will be well looked after. Neighbours and friends will be in and out every day taking care of our stuff as well as Taz the cat, Bob and Doug the gerbils and the five fish of various and ever-changing names.

So know that I'm thinking of you all and I'll blog as much as I can until things get back to normal at some time in the near future. I'll be checking my email and facebook from time to time so I won't be completely incommunicado. So bon voyage to us and we'll see you soon.

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