Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Uh oh.

I forgot to write a blog today. I got so busy with the baby and baking cookies for Canada Day that I just forgot. So here I am trying desperately thinking of something clever to give you all. As Elliott would say: "Epic Fail."

Well, the cookies, then. I wanted to make something fun for the holiday tomorrow so I made maple leaves out of sugar cookie dough. I used maple extract instead of vanilla and mixed the milk with pure maple syrup. I did the same thing for the frosting and sprinkled white or red decorating sugar on them. About halfway through the process I had Elliott, his friend Michaela and Audrey helping. I suspect it was so they could have first dibs on the cookies but I accepted the help nevertheless. Have a great day (what's left of it) and we'll see you tomorrow for our country's big day!

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