Thursday, June 17, 2010

Happy Birthday Diva!

My baby girl, my only daughter turns 12 today. She and I have been on rocky ground for years. Mostly my deal as I found it difficult to relate to a baby girl. Lately we've become allies in the testosterone battleground that this house has become. She has turned me from a tomboy to a complete girlygirl, actually loving pink after years of thinking it was vile before she was born.

We save each other from hobby shop hell and war museum madness by sticking together for shopping trips and pedicures. She's my safe haven and she rocks my socks. Now if only I could get her to shower more often...

A: Amazing
U: Uncooperative hair
D: Diva
R: Reliable
E: Emotional
Y: Yellowish? I don't know... y is hard

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