Friday, June 18, 2010


I was so happy to have been able to watch the season finale while I was in London. It was a perfect end to a perfect season. But I just want to mention something from a few weeks ago that cracked me up then and the image of it still cracks me up now.

Remember when Will Schuster sang Chaka Khan's "Tell Me Something Good" to Sue Sylvester? So funny. Later he asks her on a date and she's shown in a fancy restaurant. Let me mention for those of you who don't watch, that Sue wears a rainbow of Adidas track suits. Besides the Madonna episode, I've never seen her in anything else. So on this romantic date what is she wearing? The ever-present track suit (this time in red) but with a string of pearls to dress it up. I think it was a throwaway bit but exactly what her character would do.

Something about that image. That anyone would think pearls added to an outfit was fancy dressin' still makes me giggle days later. It's going to be a long summer without my Glee.

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