Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The weather has been great lately

And by great I mean around 0°C which is great for someone like me who craves warmth and sunshine but sucks for people who like skiing and outdoor skating and those jog-bots who run past me on the slushy sidewalk huffing steam like a train. I just want to take those people and shake some sense into them then throw them into the back of my minivan and drive them straight to Timmy's for a big, fat, greasy kruller.

Moving on... you know I hate winter. That hasn't changed. You should see the way I dress when it's cold and I know I'll be out "enjoying" it for a while like for Winterlude. First I start with tights. These thick socklike pantyhose will go under my long johns. No self respecting Canadian doesn't have a set of long johns. Then a pair of construction socks. Yes, Socks and tights. It's cold. Over the bottoms I pull on a pair of fleece-lined yoga pants. Over the top is a fitted turtleneck sweater. And a cardigan. Then snowpants (the kind with a bib overall so that snow or cold air doesn't get in. Next, my trusty parka with the fur-lined hood. Hat that goes over the ears, sometimes but not often a scarf (I get makeup on them) maybe a neckwarmer if I can find one, one or 2 pairs of mittens (never gloves... my fingers need body heat) and I never forget my super sexy and classy skidoo boots. Oh, and I always carry hot pockets. No, not the food, those plastic packets you shake and get warm for 6 hours. Around here we call them hot pockets since you keep them there for toasty hands. Also I'll sometimes put a pair in the toes of my boots. There is tons of room in there.

So is there any wonder I prefer summer when I can describe my outfit with one sentence? What do I wear on Canada Day? Shorts, tank top and flip-flops. Look it's barely even a sentence fragment. Sigh. I miss summer.

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