Thursday, January 14, 2010

Ugly Betty was on last night and, yes, I taped it

I also developed my film and listened to my walkman. Albums on my walkman. A mailman delivered my letters, a garbageman picked up my recycling, I dialled my phone and called a friend who wasn't home so left a message on her answering machine. Then I was late for an appointment and got a speeding ticket from a policeman.

I'm tired of saying these things and adding a sheepish "you know what I mean". I, in fact, do have and know the modern names for all these things but they don't come to me as quickly as these early learned, comfy terms do. Deal with it. I'm aware that I sound every second of my 42 years when I explain to someone that I spent the day watching stuff had on "tape" when I mean my pvr but I'm old and prone to bouts of verbal nostalgia. Leave me alone.

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