Monday, January 25, 2010

Overheard over the weekend...

Scott: It's a beautiful day.
Me: You mean it's a beautiful winter's day.
Scott: What's the difference?
Me: Well, on a rank order scale of beautiful days, where one is the best, and 10 the worst, summer days will always rank 1 through 5 and winter days rank 6 through 10. So even though today is a sunny, relatively warm (for winter) day, the fact that it's still winter so you can only rank it as high as a 6. It still ranks below a warm but rainy July day. It's a Karenworld thing. You wouldn't understand.
Scott: You are so weird.


PS: Just for the record, while trying to find an accompanying photo for this blog and typing "beautiful day" in Google, all I found were photos of beaches and sunshine and flowers. No winter scenes. So HA.
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