Thursday, January 7, 2010

This whole blog thing is so hit and miss

Very rarely do I come up with a blog that we both like. Something that I write and love and you seem to like too. Yesterday's bacon jam one is a good example.

I wrote it late the night before after realizing I didn't have a blog set to come out the following morning. It was nearly midnight, I had already said goodnight to Scott and was just heading to bed. As I walked by the computer I thought, "Aaargh! I could sit now and fire off something quick or post something short and awful from my iPod in the midst of the morning crazies". I decided to sit and quickly write about the new recipe I tried earlier that day.

As I wrote I realised how nicely it was coming together. All the adverbs and adjectives in the right places and it sounded really good in my head. It took less than 15 minutes from start to finish. Sometimes it'll take me days to come up with something I think is clever and it still sounds like a Grade 5 "What I Did Last Summer" composition.

And apparently you did too. I got tons of hits and compliments about how good it was yesterday. The blog not the jam but the jam rocked too, just to let you know. I just thought it was funny that when it comes to blogs, the more pressure I feel or the less I want to write it, the better it turns out.

Case in point? This blog. It was written yesterday afternoon. Lots of time, no pressure and look what you get.


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