Tuesday, September 8, 2009

What a week last week!

Now that I have some distance to it I can laugh. Okay, maybe not laugh because laughing hurts my ribs, but smile ironically.

-I got downsized
- I returned my lovely Macbook to my former workplace (and finally said a proper goodbye)
- I went to the chiropractor who told me I had bronchitis and a bunch of strained rib ligaments from the coughing
- my modem blew up so no internet for 2 days
- The cable went out Friday for about 12 hours so no tv either

- I got my dead modem replaced pretty quickly
- I learned where the computer hotspots are in my neighbourhood
- I bought a lovely pair of shoes and 2 tops.
- I watched All My Children right when it comes on at 1pm
- I baked and did laundry and actually ate bonbons on the couch

Crunchy with the smooth, eh? They say that life works out the way it's supposed to but can I still say that I'm really happy last week is over? Onward and upward...


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