Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I got downsized

That was the big deal yesterday. In fact it happened at the end of the day Monday. It's embarrassing and it hurts. And of course I blog it for the world to see. Typical me.

I didn't even know how to say goodbye to the people that made my day every day for the past few months. I just slunk out of there with my tea bags and framed photo of the kids crammed in my purse. I felt later like I should have made a speech or something. I just didn't expect it. I was flummoxed. I've never been "let go" before. But I got some really nice notes from former co-workers (thanks Facebook) so after hours of licking my wounds and pouting, I'm feeling more hopeful.

It was no one's fault... my position was just made redundant. But the fact remains that now I need a job. Again. I have 3 kids (including one bottomless pit of a teen) to feed and a rusty old minivan with a quarter of a million kms on it. I can't go back to buying no name cheese again. It's vile. So is anyone you know hiring? You all know what I'm like. Hmm. On second thought, maybe that's not such a good thing.

Now let me get back to copying all my photos and music onto CDs. That may be the saddest part of all this. I have to return my shiny new Macbook and go back to the ancient, busted up cruddy laptop we have here in the house. It shuts down without prompting after about 20 minutes. Not to mention the racket it makes when it does, well, anything. Sigh. Isn't it easy to get spoiled by brand name cheese and brand new toys?


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