Monday, September 28, 2009

Another crazy weekend

We had a "Mom's Gone Wild" weekend in a cute little town about 2 hours away from here. It was so much fun. In point form we:

  • rented a Victorian cottage
  • drank copious amounts of alcohol
  • ate gourmet food
  • had the best baths of out lives in a clawfoot tub
  • spent copious amounts of time pretending we weren't repsonsible adults
  • played a karaoke game on the PS2
  • met a gorgeous calico cat we chrisened "Brit" after the name of the house we stayed at
  • bought tons of stuff we didn't need
  • watched a chick flick
  • played Scruples...
It was a complete scream. Then as soon as I got home I went to a rock concert. My ears are still ringing. That's what'll happen when you're sitting the the 7th row. The Tragically Hip are the best Canadian band ever, put on a fantastic show that was well worth the nearly $300 I dropped on tickets. And I still think so even though they didn't play my favourite song of theirs (see below). The tickets were so close to the front that when Gord Downie went for a walk down the backs of the seats into the crowd, he came to our row and let people sing into the mic. Sweet.

To wrap it all up, I had another great but busy weekend. I can't wait to get to work so I can sit still for a while. As my mother used to say, I'll rest when I'm dead.


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