Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Everybody's working for the weekend

Still getting used to the full-day working thing. My body’s getting better at it but my family is having a hard time adjusting. Questions heard most often at number 29:

Q (from take your pick): Could you make pizza tonight?
My answer: Are you kidding? It’s 5:30

Q (from Henry): Do I have to go to the neighbour’s today?
A: Of course

Q (from Henry): Why can’t you walk me to the bus stop?
A: Because I have to go to work

Q (again, take your pick): When is supper?
A: Around 7pm

Q (from any and all): How come we’re eating so late?
A: Because I can’t start cooking until 6pm

Q (from the man): What's for dinner?
A: What are you making?

It seems like dinner is the biggest issue here. I need to come up with simple meals that are healthy and quick. I can't believe they're already tired of hot dogs and KD. Looks like it's time to teach Audrey to cook. Hard boiled eggs just won't cut it.

But cooking is my thing. Of course I prefer making desserts, but I enjoyed the daily control of doing dinner. I shopped for it, decided what to make each day, and prepared it (usually from scratch). Now it's a frantic rush to get something (anything) on the table before 6:30 when the kids (and hubby) have various sports and events. Ugh. Things were so much easier when I could start cooking at 4pm. Oh well.


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