Friday, September 18, 2009

Guess my age!

Last month we went to the Ex which was a farm exhibition back when the earth was cooling but now is an extravaganza of greasy fried foods and rickety rides on which to potentially forcibly expell those fried foods. It was a blast. We did everything we could. We did the aforementioned rides and "food", saw a terrific band (Bedouin Soundclash... if you've never heard of them, get thee to iTunes) and trolled the midway.

On the midway was a stall where a questionable "woman" claimed she could guess your age within 1 year or you win a toy. Well, me being the vain, egomaniac I am (fuelled but you people constantly telling me I look young for my age), I thought I'd try to stump her.

She looked me up and down and in 5 seconds wrote down a number on her little white board. She showed it to the gathering crowd then made me speak my age into a microphone (the greasy-haired sadist). The crowd started to whoop and holler. "I won!" I thought, mentally picking out the tiny stuffed ladybug. Then she turned the whiteboard around where it read "41". Dammit!! And I had just turned 42 the weekend before. I knew I shouldn't have shown up with my family. She must have seen my hubby and the kids and guessed it from them. Stupid family cost me my ladybug. Hmph.

What's that saying? A fool and her money are soon parted? That describes me and my loonie.

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