Thursday, September 10, 2009

Did I not say there would be fodder?

They offered me the job! I'd be a receptionist at a sales office. Cool. The only (and biggest) wrinkle? Childcare. I'd start work at 8:30 but Henry's school bus doesn't come until 8:55. He'd need care for about an hour. How sad is that?

If Henry was a girl I'd think about leaving him alone for the hour. Unfortunately, he's a boy and you can take that any way you like as long as it ends up that he can't be left alone. So, I have to find a caregiver who's willing to take him.

My friend Kathy had a great idea of having him stay home (he's going to be 10 in 3 months) but stay on the phone with him until he goes to school. Not bad...

Ideally I'd love for him to go to a neighbour who'd just watch him for a few minutes and push him out the door to his bus stop. They wouldn't even need to walk him there since the stop is only a few houses away. There's also a before/after school programme at his school but even though it's open to everyone, it's Asian focussed with about 90% of the students and all the teachers are Asian. Also, they speak Mandarin a lot, as well as learn chess and origami. I don't mind but Henry has a language processing disability even in english. But it is only for an hour.

Then there's after school where my idiot 13 year old Elliott will be looking after the kids for an hour and a half. The thought honestly gives me chills...

What to do? I can still turn it down but the thought of looking for something else makes me itch.

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