Monday, June 30, 2008

What do you do on the computer every day?

I'm on the computer about 40% of the day not including work. I go on IMDb a lot, check the weather, directions, tv listings, youtube, iTunes, etc. But there are certain things I do every single day. Here they are:

-Check my emails. I do this about 5 times a day. At least. Send me an email and I'l be sure to get it

-Play 2 trivia games. One with my friends on what I call my "boobie board" where I socialise with like-breasted women, and one with the computer friends I've known since 1997 when we were all pregnant with our June 1998 babies

-Visit abovementioned boobie and June98 bulletin boards

-Check Facebook


-Here's where it gets trippy and a scootch humiliating... I go on Webkinz. I play 2 games to get cash (Wishing Well 2, Wheel of Wow) and answer on question at Quizzy's for more money. Then I click "I love my webkinz" for free stuff. Sometimes I'll play a quick game of Cash Cow or Tile Towers if I have a lot of time.

So that's it. My daily computer usage laid bare. Take it as you will.

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