Tuesday, June 3, 2008

I’m exhausted

I watched hockey last night. Now let me clear up that I'm still a Senators fan and even though they're out, the final game of the Stanley Cup could have been last night. Unfortunately it wasn't and I had to wait 3 overtimes and until nearly 1am to find that out.

As I touched on, the Sens are out of it and have been for some time. But I'm shamelessly addicted to the homo-erotic display that goes on when one of the teams has won their ultimate trophy. The sweat, the body piling, the yelling, the hugging, the hoisting of a giant, usually metallic phallic symbol aloft... how could you not love that? Even though my team is out, I'll watch 2 strange teams to see this display. I'll even watch the very end of playoff games I've never watched before. Cricket, basketball, softball, I'm talking to you. So that's why I stayed up waaay past my bedtime last night. But I got no gratification. The team I thought would take it last night didn't so I was denied. No greco-roman wrestling with skates on for me.

Just a sidebar because I know you're curious, I'm rooting for Detroit. This is how my allegiances lie:

1) Ottawa Senators
2) Montreal Canadiens
3) Any Canadian team
4) Any Original Six team

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