Monday, June 9, 2008

I love Ottawa

I was recently reading an article about Alanis Morissette that mentioned she's from Ottawa. Because this is the capital of Canada, this city is full of civil servants, government workers and high techies. It got me to wondering which internationally famous people are from this town. It'll be a learning experience for all of us. I'm off to google.....

So, this is what I got in about 15 minutes: Tom Green, the abovementioned Alanis, Paul Anka, Dan Ackroyd, Lorne Greene, Peter Jennings, Rich Little, Norm MacDonald, Sarah Chalke, Jesse Palmer (an idiot Bachelor), Matthew Perry (my favourite Friend), Alex Trebek, Steve Yzerman, Karsh and even Tom Cruise lived here for about 15 minutes. Pretty cool, eh?


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