Monday, June 23, 2008

Dragonboat hangover

Look, I know it's late and this seriously could have been longer than it's going to be, considering my weekend and the events of today. But it isn't. Sue me. Never forget the blog title.

If you want to see photos of the absolutely wonderful (albeit somewhat damp) events, check them out on Facebook. I was on 2 teams: one woman's team (Gung Ho) and one mixed team (Bold Bald & Beautiful). The woman's team was a blast and we came in 5th overall but the BBB won me some bling. It's hard to justify preferring coming in 3rd in the G final to fifth but what can I say? I'm a strange cat.

I raced 8 races over the weekend with both teams. Some races were cut pretty close. Once I got off the water after a race, ran to the camp, changed my GH tee to a BBB tee and ran my ass off to that team who was already lining up to get in the boat. I almost threw up after doing 2 500m races back to back but I still managed to keep down my peanut butter and banana sandwich. But man, I was scared and reeeealllly cutting it close.

I will so do this again next year. In fact I can't wait and I'm sending out emails about it already. Even when I'm soaking wet to the skin, exhausted, starving, bedraggled and a bit stinky I still love it. Like mad. At one point during one race I started giggling like a fool even though I thought my arms would fall off and my back would never unwind. That must mean I adore it. And I do.

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