Monday, June 2, 2008

Dirty weekend

And I have photos. No, they aren't that bad. Just an evening away in a hotel to celebrate our 15 years of marriage. We would have done it last week but there was that pesky marathon to obsess about. It was wonderful to have 2 meals in a row without cooking or having to cater to the bizarre and often declasse whims of children (Parmesan cheese on sticky rice? Oy...)

So we had 2 really nice meals and a cosy little room in a converted mill beside a rushing waterfall. At one point after the palate cleanser and before the main course I commented that we probably shouldn't be wolfing down our fancy french food like we had 5 minutes to live. There's no one to snatch food off our plates here. About that time is when we started missing the kids. What can we do? We love those savages.

So it was really nice to be a couple again for the first time since 2005 even if it was for about 24 hours. So what if it was raining for most of the time? It was actually just like our wedding day. Rainy, cool and lousy. See, that old adage is true. Rain is lucky on a wedding day. We're living proof.

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