Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Well, ain't that a kick?

A few months ago I picked up O Magazine. I'd never read it before outside of doctor's offices, but the issue with her in the ginormous afro cracked me up. It was about the ups and downs of hair and the reason I shave my head is because of every single annoying thing you can think of in regards to having it. I've blogged about it in the past so I won't repeat it, but it's gold, trust me. Just put "hair" in the search box. I just read that sentence back and ew.

So I bought the issue, read all the good stuff then for some reason felt compelled to write a letter thanking her for it.

And what did that crazy sister do? She printed it. I need to say that she (and I say "she" even though I'm well aware that Oprah herself probably never went anywhere near my letter) only printed a fraction of the letter and didn't include the photo I sent either. But I get it. She rarely lets anyone else share the cover so why would she put that amazing, frame-ready photo of Audrey and me on the letters page?

So anyway, that's the story. My first time reading that magazine and my first time writing a letter, and it got published. Now how can I channel this good luck into cash?


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