Monday, October 21, 2013

Monday Schedule

Mondays aren't ideal but when they include a vigorous exercise regimen and a busy (but fun... remember I'm a teacher) school day, it really makes for a day that I'm happy to see end. Here was my schedule:

5:30- Alarm goes. It's pitch dark. Are you serious?

6:00- Resplendent (great word for a Monday, amirite?) in my exercise togs, breakfast, lunch, clothes and swim stuff (the kids are swimming today) packed, I leave the house. I scare the 2 giant raccoons away from the garage door (where the compost bin is now overturned) and head off.

6:30- The ass-kicking otherwise known as bootcamp begins. Ryan, the instructor, is particularly kind as his sports team won over the weekend. He really gets mean when they lose. Like, five minute planks mean.

7:15- Bootcamp over, I haul my sweaty, sore, exhausted butt to the showers, wishing the day was already done.

7:30- Feeling energised by the hot shower, I'm ready to start my day. I go to my classroom and start tidying up from the weekend use of the space, cutting out dinosaurs (it's Prehistoric Week!), preparing the carpet area for Circle Time, choosing a book for storytime, doing the paperwork (attendance sheets and programme logs) and deciding how to make the room look like Jurassic Park. Minus the mayhem (hopefully).

8:30- The kids start coming in. Unfortunately, it's pouring rain so the kids are starting their day indoors rather than in the more manageable play-yard. Thanks loads Mother Nature...

After all the kids arrive it's a blur of activity including swim time which is 45 minutes in the water and easily 45 minutes getting dressed and undressed. Think about a being that has only been alive for around 1100 days, then picture that being putting his or her own rolled up socks on damp feet. Then multiply that by 13. Like I said... the day was a blur. All of a sudden it was the end of the day.

1:00- I head to the library to return the books I borrowed. Hopefully they won't notice the sticky tape surgery job I did on "Too Pickley".

2:30- Now I'm home and blogging. I can't wait to get off and play with Idris for an hour before I have to make dinner.

Oh the life of a teacher, wife and mother. And daughter... oooh, that reminds me, I have to remember to call my dad.


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