Monday, October 28, 2013

Random Weekend Firsts

I was thinking about the excellent weekend I just had, and I realized that it was riddled with firsts that I'd love to share with you kind folks. Here we go...

--First time I drove all by myself to Montreal (just like a big girl)

--First time in 30 years I saw Cyndi Lauper in concert (she's still a goddess)

--First time I saw people (women and sadly men) over 40 dressed like Cyndi Lauper (and I hope to never ever see that again)

--First time in about 20 years that I saw my amazing and talented friend Kathy Kathleen and met her gorgeous hubby and smarter-than-my-kids kids.

--First time I ever got hit on by, not one, but two drunk lesbians (I swear I thought for sure I was going to get kissed)

--First time I ever saw a heating grate that big in the middle of a hallway in a house and stood over it like Marilyn Monroe in the Seven Year itch (minus the white dress, the figure and the... well, Marilyn)

--First time I ever had a knitting lesson that I couldn't pause and rewind (Thanks Kathy Kathleen! You are a fabulous knitter and I want to be you when I grow up)

--First time I ever went on a cool excursion and didn't take even one good photo (I got some super shitty ones at the concert but not one of Kathy Kathleen and me together, her funky house or beautiful family). Aaarrghh!!

So how was your weekend?


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