Wednesday, October 16, 2013

I find it odd that "football" is the word that came up

When I have a hard time coming up with a post idea, I go to a website that gives me prompts. Today it told me to open a page of the closest book, stab your finger at the text and use the word in the title of the post. Of all the words possible in the venerable tome "Ukulele For Dummies", I never thought the word "football" would be one I'd hit. It's probably the only time it comes up in this book. Just for context, it's in a section teaching you how to read notes in a staff using an alternate to "every good boy deserves fudge". It explains that you can use (and I quote) "other F-words that boys enjoy (such as football)."

Um, yeah. Football.


Surprisingly this came up when I Google imaged "ukulele football"
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