Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Random photos, anyone?

There's an option in blogger to insert photos which I always try to do so you don't get too bored with my ramblings. One of the buttons I can choose is to add a photo I'd previously posted to the blog. I just went through it oohing and awwing and thought, "I'm posting these again". Odds are you haven't seen them unless you've been reading every post since my MySpace days. Even I barely remember posting these the first time.

Oh, and word of warning... there are a lot of them.


Baby Elliott. Back when I could control him. Oh, the days...

Look how hairy we were

Blogging circa 1992. Dig the ancient "laptop"

My dad in the '70s. He had that car painted gold shortly after because, in his words, "silver is for second place"

What can I say? Henry's still the weird one

Subtract hair and add fat to the previous photo and you get this one

Elliott had just kissed her on the cheek. Sadly, I don't think they have this reaction anymore.

Always wear a helmet, kids.

Awww... looka dat baby girl

Me and a Ferengi. He was holding my hand down because I threatened to perform the umax. Look it up Star Trek non-nerd

I loved this dress in the movie. I don't remember which movie.

My mommy!

Another baby Elliott photo. This is that whole first baby gets all the photos syndrome.

My first sunburn. I don't know how you... ummmm... fair-skinned people do it.

I laughed so flipping hard when I first saw this one

And talking about laughing, this is one of my favourite dragonboat pics. I always feel like this after a race

The sexy beast puts out the garbage

"What happened to that guy?"

Look how much we look alike

Mr. Monopoly

And the pope. Both made by me, thankyouverymuch...

Me and my first pair of designer shoes.  We're in a serious committed relationship now.

Me and the kids resting our feet after a chocolate factory tour of Brussels

They used to call this "the school game"

Me and my teammates working hard

The most points I ever got at Words With Friends plus I got a case of the giggles so it was a double win

This was the costume at the first Ottawa Comiccon that made me interested in Steampunk

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