Monday, October 7, 2013

Sometimes I can be so self-indulgent

About a week ago I got a bee in my bonnet about a ukulele. It's all I could think about. I did research, I went on YouTube and finally yesterday morning hit up my friends on Facebook for any and all information I could get on this instrument. It was the largest number of responses I got to a post in my facebooking history. That was it. I was getting one that afternoon.

After Scott laughed at me for indulging myself in yet another lark, I found a store that was open Sundays and zoomed out there in the rain. I asked the guy all the questions I researched "Will I need a pitch pipe?" No, you can just use an ipod app. "Is this the best size and for a beginner?" Yes, this is the only size there is. "Are you sure this is the price? It's pretty cheap!" Yup, $32 all in. "Are there any more colours in the back?" You mean green, orange, blue, white, pink, black and red aren't enough for you? (Poor guy).

I made my choice (TARDIS blue) then Audrey and I drove to the nearest bookstore to buy Ukulele for Dummies. We even named her along the way (Idris... naturally, it's a Doctor Who reference)

I got her home and we practiced together for over 3 hours. And guess what, you guys? I already learned enough chords to play Twist and Shout (thanks YouTube!). Of course that chord number is a staggering three but who cares? I feel like a musician which is something I've ever been described as before. And I've been described as a lot of things, trust me.


PS: I was so set on getting a ukulele yesterday that I decided to park on a pretty busy street. Parallel park which is something I rarely never do. But look what I did in one try. Now, that's determination.


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