Wednesday, October 30, 2013

A rattled sigh

That was my reaction five minutes ago when I realized I hadn't blogged yet. When I have nothing interesting, thought provoking or funny to say, I always feel that way. Then I write some kind of crap like what's happening before your eyes and pass it off like a proper blog post, and everyone loses. Sorry, guys. My life has just been a bit boring for the last few days. But that's good, isn't it?

I'm okay with it but it wreaks havoc on this blog.  I'll leave you with a funny from school.

Me (leaving for the day): Bye everyone! See you tomorrow!
Kid (running after me): Morah Karen, don't leave!
(flattered, I crouch down for the inevitable hug)
Me: Awww, sweetie. Are you going to miss me?
Kid: Nope. (he veers away and runs off)



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