Friday, December 3, 2010

What a way to start the day

It actually started last night when I realized that I forgot to get a December bus pass for Elliott. I came up with a brilliant plan. Since I run past a gas station about 2K away every morning, why don't I just jog there and pick one up so he'll have one even before he wakes up in the morning. And before you think it, yes, I remembered my debit card, yes, it was open and yes, they had some left. It all had to do with my witlessness.

So at 6:15 this morning I wheezed and shuffled my way in the lightly falling snow to the gas station. Even though today was my 8K day, when I got there I was already sweaty and flustered. I went straight to the bank machine and shoved in the debit card I had tucked in my zippered pocket. Nothing happened. To my shock and horror I realized that my endorphin-addled brain had jammed the card into the receipt return slot. Uh oh. I can see it right there... if I could just... damn.

I tell the clerk the idiotic thing I just did and he helpfully offers to open the machine. He does and we peer inside, not seeing anything but a bunch of wires. When he closes it again I don't even see the card anymore. SHIT. No bus pass AND no debit card? Thanks a lot, universe. I stand around uselessly for a few minutes wondering what to do now. Then I notice something. Thank goodness, the stupid card had fallen into the money tray down below when buddy opened the machine.

I sheepishly pick it out, buy that bus pass and high-tail it out of the store, finishing my run in the snow. You know it's going to be a stellar weekend when... Hey, at least the clerk has a good story to tell and I got a blog out of it.

Have a better weekend than I'm about to!


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