Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Coronation Street is the bomb (quite literally)

Yesterday started the one week celebration of Coronation Street's 50th anniversary. In the UK they are showing a disastrous bar explosion and chain reaction tram crash that will devastate the street causing the deaths of 4 well established characters. Exciting stuff.

Here in Canada we'll be treated to a couple pretending to be married for the benefit of the woman's aunts, a man falling of the AA wagon and preparations for Valentine's Day. Because incredibly, in this day of the information superhighway and 3 day cure yeast infection cremes, we are 10 months behind. To borrow a phrase: Inconceivable.

So in order to watch the festivities and the glorious carnage, I've had to spend all of last night and most of this morning searching for the video. And thanks to YouTube, I finally found it. I watched it already and it's incredible. Fantastic. Words don't do it justice. Honestly, it was so good I felt like a cigarette afterwards. Well done. It was also a nice treat to watch it as close to the original broadcast time as I could manage. This way there are no spoilers. Well, not for another 10 months, anyway.


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