Thursday, December 2, 2010

Watching tv with Henry

The other night Henry and I were watching tv on the couch. A Victoria's Secret ad came on telling us when the stupid fashion show will be on. I thought to myself that I should probably say something wise and motherly about this show objectifying women or something but he spoke first.

Henry: I guess it's not such a secret anymore.
Thinking that my baby's innocence has exploded in a hail of blinged out bras and panties and is about to say something no 10 year old should utter about slutty lingerie and busty models wearing angel wings, I brace for impact.
Me: What's not a secret, sweetie?
Henry: Well, now everybody knows it's on at 10 o'clock.

WHEW. He's still my sweet, innocent boy. And he still believes in Santa, too. So take that, world.


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