Thursday, December 23, 2010

Sorry for the lame blogs this week, guys.

I'm feeling terribly overwhelmed and if the car wasn't in the shop (another joy to deal with), I would drive and drive and drive until I got to a place where I could lounge quietly with my iTouch, some red wine and an Archie Comic book.

So today I'm frosting the lemon/coconut cake, I'm baking cookies for Santa, I'm frantically defrosting tomorrow's dinner turkey that completely slipped my mind (it's now underwater in the kitchen sink) and I still have to wrap about a thousand presents. Plus I have to find half an hour somewhere in all this to get ready for a party tonight. I'm looking forward to it but I don't know how I'm going to have fun while there's so much left to do. I can see one of two scenarios:

  1. I'll be edgy and distracted and just stay for an hour or two
  2. I'll get completely, leglessly pissed and be unable to do anything tonight and most of tomorrow, successfully putting the cherry on the sundae of an unbearable holiday
Thursday can't come fast enough. That's the next day on the calendar when I have absolutely nothing to do. Nothing. At all. I don't have to bake anything, go anywhere, see anyone... I'm thinking of staying in bed the whole day with my iTouch, some red wine and an Archie Comic book. 


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