Wednesday, August 19, 2009

iTunes blues

I love iTunes. Unfortunately I shop at the store daily, convinced that my one little $.99 purchase isn't going to break the bank. Then I realise that's my 6th this week and when added up to my around 6 every week for months, it actually IS going to break the bank. It's like being pecked to death. But I do download everything that's free. Why wouldn't I?

When I listen to the radio, I often listen to a station called "BobFM". They play songs from "80's, 90's and whenever". I have to say I love that station. Why wouldn't I? They're entire playlist is on my nano. So why is it that I can listen to the radio all day but my iTunes playlist bores me after an hour? And it's not a headphones issue. It happens when I play the songs from my computer. What's up with that?

I hand-picked the songs, I bought the cds, spent a bomb at the iTunes store and lovingly put them all on my machine, sorted into various playlists (my favourites are "ad tunes" where all the songs are from tv commercials, songs I discovered from So You Think You Can Dance and one called "GASP!" for run training). So why does my own music make me crazy? It's a question for the ages.

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