Friday, August 14, 2009

Word weirdness

These words make me nuts I hate that they sound opposite but mean the same thing.

I could care less/ I couldn't care less
Hm. I hear both but the second one sounds way more insulting. "I could care less" sounds almost like a dare, doesn't it?

disgruntled/ "gruntled"(?)
Okay. If the person in the cubicle on one side of you is in a pissy mood (disgruntled) and the one on the other side of you is in a good mood, wouldn't that make him/her "gruntled"? It sounds like it should be the opposite, no? I'm not sure it's a word but I'd sure like it to be. Imagine the exchange:

Co-worker: Hey! How are you Karen?
Karen: Gruntled! And you?
Co-worker: Gruntlier!

Come on... I love it. Use it once today and tell me in the comments how it went over.

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